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  • Mobilization Exercise 2008: North Truro, MA

    Posted on November 9th, 2008 MA-TF 1 No comments

    In November of 2008, MA-TF 1 conducted a 3 day Mobilization Exercise at the North Truro Air Force station in North Truro, MA.    The exercise included a full scale deployment of a Type I Task Force conducting 24 hour operations for the duration of the drill.  

    The site was flexible enough to provide two very different training scenarios.  One site prop was a large concrete structure where confined space and rope rescue operations could be combined to provide medical suport for Crush Syndrome patients in a HazMat environment. The other scenario was a residential area of single story dwellings where a wide area search could be conducted – as if responding to a Hurricane event.

    From MOBEX08

    In addition, senior members of MA-TF 1 filled the roles of an Incident Support Team.  This was intended to help newer managers on the team become acustomed to interacting with an IST during a real incident.  

    MA-TF 1 was fortunate to have the cooperation from several agencies to coduct a realisitc multi-agency training.  These inclded the US Army Civil Suport Team,  the National Park Service, the Barnstable County IMT, local fire and police resources.  

    MA-TF 1 would also like to thank members of Virginia Task Force 2 who helped facilitate the training.